Monday, 24 May 2010

OPI's Winter/Holiday Collections

The long awaited photos of OPI's Holiday 2010 collection.

  • Bring On the Bling – A gold that glitter that’s beyond dazzling.
  • Glow Up Already! – You’re ready for this glittering green.
  • Extra-va-vaganza! – This orange glitter is not for the shy.
  • Simmer & Shimmer – In this glitter bit of blue.
  • Show It & Glow It! – If you’ve got this fuchsia glitter, flaunt it!
  • Sparkle-icious - Multi-color glitter-iciousness
  • Rising Star – Lustrous glimmering gold.
  • Take the Stage – A warm orange spotlight shimmer.
  • The Show Must Go On! – With this deep pink shimmer on your nails!
  • Let Me Entertain You – Multi-talented fuchsia glimmer.
  • Ali’s Big Break – This glowing red shimmer breaks through in style.
  • Tease-y Does It – In this tempting burgundy shimmer.

The name makes the collection sound promising, when I hear Burlesque I think deep velvet purples, magenta's, rich reds and deep burgundies, shimmering blacks and peacock feather teals and blues. When I look at the photos of the collection however I think wah wah waaaah
a total miss for me, its a shame because OPI could have had a whole lot of fun here, and lets not even start on those names *shakes head* maybe they will grow on me? swatches are needed me thinks.

But that doesn't mean I wont be buying, oh no of corse not!

My Must haves from the collection:
Simmer and Shimmer,
Show it and Glow it,
Tease-y Does it,

My Possible Buys:
Glow up already!
Rising Star,
Take the Stage,

Its great to see some more glitters from OPI following their Alice in Wonderland collection, but overall I'm not a huge fan and usually prefer creme finish to my nail lacquer, I will be looking forward to the Swiss Collection much much more than Burlesque.

What colours are you dieing to get your hands on?