Friday, 10 September 2010

NOTD - Glove You So Much!

OPI Glove You So Much! from Holiday Wishes 2009 collection

I'm in a very Christmassy mood ...

106 Days to go!

and who thought I'd actually wear red nails out of the house? not me!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

NOTD - Barry M Navy no. 292 and a new addition :)

Without Flash

With Flash

This polish makes me want to run out and buy Russian Navy by OPI, even though there is nothing wrong with Barry M. the consistancy is good, as is its application and glossy finish, the nail paints always last a long time on my nails. I think I am just getting withdrawal symptoms from by bi-monthly delivery of OPI. Sad, I know.

I think I might try Barry M's racing green next, their metalic colours (Racing Green, Navy, Vivid Purple) look perfect for following this years nail trends on a budget.

And my new addtion

My wonderful boyfriend found Glove you so Much on amazon, he knew I wanted it so he ordered me a bottle and it arrived today! <3 A metallic jeweled tone red bordering on russet, very luxurious looking.

I am now running out of space for my OPI colleciton, thinking of getting the Helmer but I don't know if that will just encourage me to buy more.

How do you store your polishes?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

NOTD - China Glaze For Audrey

This is one coat OPI Original Nail Envy, one coat OPI Ridge Filler (my nails need some TLC too), 2 Coats China Glaze for Audrey and a top coat of Seche Vite to make it extra shiny.

I think just about everyone has seen this infamous nail polish, a beautiful turquoise/aqua colour, a true Tiffany's blue. I can't get enough of it. So pretty!

I have heard alot of YT beauty Gurus compare For Audrey to Barry M's Turquoise no. 295.

It is defiantly NOT a dupe, not even close. Barry M Turquoise is much more blue, i suppose it is much more of a true turquoise compared to For Audrey. Still pretty though.

Monday, 6 September 2010

New Paraben Free Hair Care and NOTD

My hair is in desperate need of some TLC, its frizzy and littered with split ends from too much heat, but finding the time to go to the hair dresser and deciding what I want done is a pain in the butt!

Now I know that a shampoo and conditioner, no matter how intensive, isn't going to work wonders, but it can't make my hair any worse. So last week while in boots I came across the naked range, I don't know if its new but it is the first time I have noticed it.

I chose the naked rescue shampoo and conditioner, these are great! 97% naturally derived ingredients and they claim no parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals and they don't test on animals. I'm sold!

I also picked up the rescue repairing hair treatment sachet for frizzy damaged hair (*hands up* that's me!) which contains argan oil and meadowfoam which are both high in fatty acids, a key component to healthy skin and hair, if your body is low in fatty acids it can cause your hair to become dry and brittle - this sounds just like what I need to help my hair back into good condition.

The product itself is creamy and moisturising, even leaves my hands feeling silky soft after conditioning. They recommend that you comb it through your hair and leave it in for 3-5 mins then rinse.

I was so impressed with the sachet, yesterday I went and bought two of the big ass tubs, which are currently on offer in boots 2 for £10 (normal price around £8!)

I have needed a shower comb for some time now so picked up a Goody Ouchless conditioning shower comb. hmm ouchless huh? has anyone tried these products? It will do the job and for £3.50 we will see if it lives up to its claims!

Now for my NOTD.

Today I chose Cuckoo for this Colour from OPI's new Swiss collection, loving this colour right now - forest green with shimmer :) and part of my top ten for Autumn/Winter 2010

Saturday, 4 September 2010

OPI - My Top 10 for Autumn

Don't you just <3 autumn? or Fall to our American friends :)

Multicoloured leaves skatter the ground, new winter coats, boots, gloves and fabulous colours...

Here's my line up of my top OPI picks this autumn ...


Glamour Game
A champagne gold shimmer, very subtle and not as in your face as Bling Dynasty or Glitzerland from this years collection

Meet Me at the Star Ferry
Plum/burgundy with shimmer, lots of shimmer. A perfect autumn colour, reminds me of fallen leaves and conkers.

Cuckoo for this Colour
Emerald green shimmer, who could resist? I have so many compliments on this polish so naturally I will be reaching for colour often :)

Jewel Tones

Pamplona Purple
Bright Purple magenta - autumn doesn't have to mean that you cant wear colour and this purple shade is perfect! Although Barry M have an exact dupe in 303 Bright Purple, I still find myself reaching for Pamplona Purple.

Ski Teal We Drop
I love teals and turquoises so this new addition had to be included <3 it. Totally unique in my OPI collection.

Sapphire in the Snow
There is only one way to describe this colour - Blurple, a dark blue, purple. Haven't come across any dupes for this as of yet, and had a lot of trouble tracking it down from the UK. One of the stand outs from 2009 Holiday Wishes collection and perfect for autumn, purple is always a fave colour this time of year for me.

Red and Nudes

Vodka and Caviar
I was late on the band wagon on this one, I'm not really a fan of red polishes so only have a few in my collection and this is so far the only one I have dared to wear out of the house, only on my toes, but that counts right? right! in fact it has been on my toes ever since I got it about a month ago, theres something that just makes it different from a cherry or cheap fire engine red colour and I love it. It will maybe make it to a mani colour for Christmas.

You Don't Know Jacques
YDKJ has been featured in just about every Autumn/Fall 2010 YouTube video I have watched, and rightly so. This remains a firm favourite for me all year round. Who can resist a murky taupe brown? Very flattering, looks good on everyone, can't go wrong with this polish.

Barefoot in Barcelona
Another new addition to my collection, having been on my wish list for quite some time I decided it was gonna have to be, and I'm so glad I got it. To my eye its in the middle ground between Tickle my France-y and Kreme de la Kremlin, a good nude colour, perfect for mannequin hands.


and Mad as a Hatter! love this multi coloured glitter, and judging by OPI's latest collection- Burlesque. Glitter is definitely in this winter, from promo pics and sneak peaks I think Sparkle-isious is going to be a good dupe (with a few gold/yellow tones added in for good measure) so if you missed out on the Alice in Wonderland collection it will be a good one to pick up. I was lucky enough to get my hands on 2 bottles of MAAH so I have a back up one, but I am still longing for some Burlesque in my life.

What colours will you be wearing this Autumn?

NOTD - Coney Island Cotton Candy

I threw this baby on for work yesterday. I wanted a nice easy colour that wouldn't show too much if it chipped, I work alot with my hands so I normally change my nail colour every day to keep my nails looking in good condition.

Nude is a good transitional from the summer brights into autumn/dark shades so anything like Tickle my France-y, Barefoot in Barcelona or even Pearl of Wisdom would do. But I went for Coney Island Cotton Candy, my bf picked it out blind from my collection and I hadn't tried it before! so I decided to give it a whirl. I could not believe how many compliments I got!!

I cant show you it on my nails, I didn't use a top coat and after a full day at work they are a chipped and nasty, so here's another bottle shot with a similar/cheaper and perhaps more accessible alternative; Beauty UK Glam Nails in Peach Melba- no. 48

I don't like the consistency of the Peach Melba too much, its not terrible by any means, but I did have to use 3-4 coats to get consistent colour (CICC was 2-3), maybe a steadier hand would do better? For just under £2 its not a bad buy and they have a cute range of colours, there is a dusty mauve I would like to try. Expect another nail polish haul soon ...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

NOTD - Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous by OPI

Having missed out on Brand New Skates from OPI's Holiday in Toyland collection I knew I couldn't miss out on this one. A beautiful deep and dark charcoal filled with micoglitter, easy application (although it does leave a trail of glitter after the polish itself has been removed).

This swatch was 2 coats, maybe could have done with a third, but its a pretty looking polish all the same. I cant help but think I have something similar to LLM in my collection already ... will report back with possible dupes :)

Will this cure my want for BNS? no probably not as for some reason I seem to think I need every OPI in existence, but isn't that the definition of hobby when cosmetics is involved?