Monday, 17 June 2013


Wow! I haven't done this in a while...

Today's NOTD is from Nails Inc and was developed exclusively for InStyle magazine, gosh it must be over a year ago now! this polish has been sat in my nail polish drawers unused and unloved for too long, so I decided to pull it out and show it the light of day.

Bluebell is a very pale baby blue with a hint of lavender, maybe could be discribed as a Periwinkle blue, application was good, very few streaks and only took two coats. Bravo Nails Inc.

 photo P1130391_zps45b38776.jpg

 photo P1130403_zps46971041.jpg

 photo P1130406_zps3290f848.jpg

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tag Tuesday: Colours of Rainbow Tag - Nail Edition

Yes, I am jumping on the bandwagon!  

But heres the twist, incase you couldn't guess it, I'm going to be sharing with you my favourite nail polishes for each of the colours of the rainbow. These are my current favourites, they change a lot as I add to my collection and find new colours and formulas, but I  have tried to keep it to polishes that are still available.

 photo 69ff6fd6-c6f4-42b5-a6c6-447f385da1bd_zpsa334a6c4.jpg

Lets jump to it!

Red - Nails inc Caviar base and top coat. I'm not really a red girl, so this is the best I could come up with. They don't apply red, but appear reddish in the bottles (I've heard other people doing this tag say the same, so it is allowed)! These two are staples in my collection. I use them everyday.

Orange - Essie's Fear and Desire, just a nice, bright orange that has quickly become my favourite over OPI's Flit a Bit.

Yellow - Again I have two, and it is the combination of the two I like - Nails Inc Glamour Glitter and No7 Gold Glitter, I love layering these two.

Green - No7 Paradise Love. I highly expect this is a dupe for Deborah Lippman's Mermaids Dream and only £6.50! I love, love, LOVE it!

Blue - Clinique Splish Splash

Indigo - Into the Night, not sure if this quite classes as indigo, but its a dark blue and its gorgeous, a nice alternative to all the light, bright summery shades because that can get a little boring some times. 

Violet - OPI Planks a Lot

Pink - No7 Daisy Darling, this polish reminded me a lot of Essie Lux effects A Cut Above but couldn't find it anywhere to buy (not even ebay). so when I saw No7 had their own version I snapped it up! a great little layering polish.

Multicolored - I'm saving this one for a NOTD post, so you will have to come back tomorrow to see that :)

I Tag everyone! if you have done this tag please leave your link in the comments as I love to read them :)


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Monday, 3 June 2013

Clinique Haul: A Different Nail Enamel

Todays post consist of a very small Clinique Haul. I had a gift voucher, that doubled with Debenhams 10% off Beauty event led to this.

 photo 8dabf468-30a7-486c-b72c-835f9e2f5760_zps450adb8d.jpg

Lets get the boring part out of the way first...

This product was the sole reason I went to the Clinique counter. I had run out of my toner about a week before and it had left a void in my skin care routine, so I was in the market. I have long been an advocate of the Clinique Three Step Skincare System since I started using it probably three years ago, I think simple is best and I like to keep in a routine. So when I heard that Debenhams had 10% off I hot stepped down to the counter and picked up the biggest bottle of toner I could find.

Thats when I should have walked away ... but I didn't.

I discovered the display of the new A Different Nail Enamels. You know we are in dangerous territory now!

I had been eyeing Splish Splash online for a few days since the release. So I had a feeling I would be purchasing that one, some how I ended up with Hula Skirt too, how did that happen? I don't know!

 photo 157c47e6-4b03-45bb-adce-128ed600ea61_zpse715d228.jpg

Splish Slash is a gorgeous, bright, cobalt blue colours a la Beyonce/Nails Inc Baker Street. Which I thought I had nothing like in my collection, low and behold, not only do I have one polish identical, I have two!! oh my.

 photo 7c0ac88e-4e4c-4483-a44f-f86a94972a87_zps9a0a221b.jpg

This is No7 Speed dry nail colour in Poolside Blue 01. I don't know if this shade is still available due to the recent reformulation of the entire No7 brand, but the second  is most defiantly still available. Barry M nail paint in Cobalt Blue 291. As you can see, in the bottles they all look IDENTICAL! bummer.

 photo 0f4336bd-d64a-49ab-b08e-d6bc0a5361c8_zpsfdc6fdd5.jpg

Hula Skirt however I was on the fence about, do I need a bright green polish? do I have something similar to it. But I caved and bought it anyway.

 photo 69b2d25e-25c0-4927-bd2c-42f9d955fb2b_zps68c4251b.jpg

 photo 1563c48f-a2a8-4ab6-b468-9bde1da12206_zps9149c6d2.jpg

I would describe it as a light spring green. I did find one similar colour in my stash in the form of Essie Mojito Madness. MM is considerably darker in colour and more of a grassy green than Hula Skirt.

 photo bb86ebd0-e96e-4a54-8a0a-37c4d11be74f_zps6544e4ea.jpg

The formula is rather interesting on these, its very thick, which is a good thing as they are practically opaque in one coat. However if you do want to apply that all important (if your OCD like me) second coat, the polish almost drags off your nail, much like GOSH Holographic. Maybe they are intended as one coaters and thats why? have you experienced the same thing? Either way they are both beautiful spring/summer colours that I know I will get plenty of wear out of.

So thats my haul :)

Have you tried any of the new Clinique Different nail Enamels? which colours do you recommend?

Next on my shopping list is probably Concrete Jungle.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

French Pharmacy Haul

Browsing the Internet one night I stumbled upon this Vogue Beauty article describing the top ten French Pharmacy Beauty Products, and before I knew it I was placing an order. How did that happen?

 photo fdf83ddd-ab93-463e-aca2-dc90d95e5e46_zps8f42c046.jpg

Now I would not be able to call this a French pharmacy haul with out including this item....

 photo ac975424-5b55-4eda-b632-be531f433f2a_zpsd68283a0.jpg

Tah Da!

This product I am sure needs no introduction. I have put off purchasing the Micellar water cleanser for so long thinking I would pick up a bottle or two next time we pop over to France, but we just haven't found the time! maybe I should knuckle down plan a trip before Christmas? So I finally caved and ordered online, thinking that if I like it, I will purchase more from Paris.

I opted for the Subium H2O formula for combination to oily skin as its non-comedogenic (doesn't block your pores). and contains Bioderma's Fluidactiv, a sebum correcting patented complex.

The estore that I purchased from were also generous enough to include two free samples of the Bioderma Micellar in the original Sensibo and the Sebium so I get to try out both to see which I prefer. I have only tried the Sebium so far, but I think I will stick with it.

 photo af20dd73-e197-48b0-aedf-3fcacc4d8fd4_zps210b32a7.jpg

Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel.

I chose this to primarily use in the shower, its gentle, has a soap free formula, can be used on face and body and again contains Bioderma's Fluidactiv sebum correcting formula.

 photo f8f96c67-fe35-429a-9e22-f05722a470c1_zps1539b84d.jpg

Bioderma Sebium AKN.

I was just interested in this product, so added it to my shopping bag thinking "What do I have to loose?" and it has turned out to be the star product! Again the product claims to be sebo-regulating and purifying to leave your skin clear of  imperfections. Its a wonderful light cream that is non-oily, I've been using it twice daily and have noticed a massive difference in my skin tone, my pores appear smaller and I have had less blemishes and my skin is smooth and soft. This product gets a massive thumbs up from me, I don't know how i lived without it before.

 photo 1dc42040-1fc8-4893-a27c-a509b6a7e9fe_zps7d8ca167.jpg

Caudalie Lip Conditioner.

Last but not least I caved and got this product. I have wanted to try a few things from Caudalie for a while, but again have been putting it off. But everyone, and I mean everyone has been raving about the lip conditioner, and I'm a sucker for lip balms! I paid around the £5 mark for this. THE BEST £5 I HAVE SPENT IN A LONG TIME. Next time I place an order for this I will be getting 3 tubes, such a great staple product and I can feel the conditioning benefits of this lip balm hours after application.

So that's mon petit French pharmacy Haul.

Have you tried out any of these products? are there any others that I haven't mentioned here worth trying?