Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity is the first experiment (or game to you and me) to be released by Peter Molyneux and his new company, 22 Cans.

Released today the free game can be downloaded from the app store on your mobile device, and claims to be a one-in-a-lifetime multiplayer experience.

My bf C and I downloaded the app this morning and have been tapping away on our ipads and iphones ever since.

Have you downloaded it yet? and what do you think will be inside?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Poundland Hauling!

Poundland is becoming my favourite haunt at the moment, what with Christmas coming up and trying to save a little bit of money for the holidays and the sales ;) and the FANTASTIC products I keep finding!

First up are two polishes from Revlon, I keep seeing a few of their products in the discount shops, are they discontinuing some or just re-formulating? either way I love a bargain and scooped these two up for Holidays tutorials.

This is Revlon 863 Ruby Ribbon and 933 Emerald City, and both are from the Matt Suede line.

Next are two Sally Hansen polishes from the Complete Salon Manicure line that has just crossed over the pond, and are now available in larger Boots and Superdrug stores for around £6.99. I picked two colours; Dorian Grey, a very soft light grey creme and Himalayan Blue, a bright blue, almost cyan colour. I love, love, LOVE blue polishes so I can't go wrong with that one :)

The last two items are wild cards, which for a pound I couldn't leave behind.

This is a Sally Hansen Sculpt and Shape Lip Treatment in the colour Classic, I'm on the lookout for some darker, Autumn/winter colour lipsticks and this one looked like it fit the bill. Its a brown, nude,
 plum colour, just a few shades darker than my natural lip colour. Not sure if I like the colour or not but it does feel very moisturising on the lips and is a very work appropriate colour. Not all bad then! ( I have also spotted this product in DiscountUK stores too)!

The final wild card item is a nail drying spray?! C talked me into buying it, so I get to blame him if its a waste of money! It claims to be the "ideal solution for nail varnish that takes forever to dry. Fast drying this spray speeds up the natural drying process, leaving you with almost touch dry glossy nails in around 60 seconds" and says it is suitable for most types of nail varnish. hmmm I wonder what that means...

I will give it a go and let you know how I get on.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Magazine Freebies!

Glamour Magazine has done it again! every year it seems they team up with Nails Inc to bring us some fabulous freebie nail polish, and who could complain about that?


There are four colours to choose from;
Elizabeth Street - a pretty, baby pink colour, creme formula.
St James - A bright red with subtle shimmer.
Motcomb Street - a dark navy creme.
and Glamour Glitter - a fine gold glitter top coat.

While shopping in Sainsbury's on Friday I spotted the new issue and grabbed two colours out of the four.

I picked Motcomb Street because I love navy polishes, but only have one other creme formula (Essie Bobbing for Baubles SWATCH). So I wanted to see how this one compared. I also picked up Glamour Glitter, which is one I wouldn't necessarily pay £11 for, as I'm not a huge fan of gold, but its aways good to have a gold especially around the holidays.



They look fab layered too!

What colours did you pick?


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halloween Leftovers

OK so I know said I wasn't going to do orange for a long time, but I just found these pictures on my memory card and realised I'd forgotten to post them over halloween so here they are!

For the base I used one of my favourite orange polishes, OPI Flit a Bit and for the detail I used OPI Black Onyx and Alpine Snow.




Saturday, 3 November 2012

EOS Alice in Wonderland LE Lip Balm Trio

I have always been intrigued by the EOS lip balms ... you know the ones that every American blogger is talking about... the little spherical lip balms with twist off lids that look like eggs. That aren't available in the UK.

So when I saw that they were dong an Alice in Wonderland LE Trio I wanted to get it so bad! being the massive Disney nerd that I am.



Isn't the packaging just the cutest thing?!


Love the little hidden Mickey!


These retail for $9.49 on the EOS online shop but they charge $15.00 shipping!! so I took to ebay and they arrived this morning. Yay! (good timing as the weather is starting to take effect on my skin).

There are three flavours all themed around Alice in Wonderland :

Blueberry Potion,

Sweet Vanilla Nonsense,

and Watermelon Wonderland.

All are 100% natural, 95% organic, paraben-free, gluten-free, patrolatum-free, phthalate-free, full of antioxidant rich vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. OK, I'll admit I didn't know what the hell phthalates were or why they were bad for us, but the more chemicals that can be eliminated from my daily routine the better!

The scents seem a little fake to me, in particular the vanilla and the blueberry, they smell much too sweet,  but once applied to the lips the scent fades and isn't overpowering at all. They taste good too! and are very moisturising and smooth.

These would make such cute little gifts or stocking stuffers for any girl or Disney nerd, infact I think I am going to place another order so I can gift a few to friends and family :)

Have you tried EOS lip balms yet?

Now if only I could get my hands on Sephora's Cinderella collection items ....

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I am disappointment in you Barry M: Web Effects Review


Imagine my excitement when browsing the make up aisles in superdrug when I came across a new Barry M Nail Effect


This is Web Effects 239 looking at the bottle you would be led to believe this nail paint is a bright orange nail art effect that will create spiderweb like shapes on your nails, little effort required.

Thats where we would both be wrong!

I applied this over Barry M 47 Black (the obvious colour choice I thought) but something give me the sneaky suspicion that this is just a rebranded, orange croc effect...




I can't express how disappointed I am at this moment in time. If this is just a bottle of orange Croc Effect (and I can't stress this enough) BRAND IT AS JUST THAT!! otherwise it leaves you loyal shopping feeling misled.

As you can see the effect on the nail bares no resemblance to that on the nail polish cap. I was only happy with one finger which was pure flook! as still requires a lot of imagination


While I appreciate the effort that Barry M is making to release new shades, and we have had more than a few. I just wish they were all up to BM Standards :(