Monday, 25 July 2011

NOTD - OPI Stranger Tides


Morning guys! happy Monday

This is OPI Stranger Tides from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, a light khaki green with some added murky-ness <3 it!


Application was good, as always with OPI. This was 2 coats.


Whats your Monday morning mani?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lemon Inspiration

Ever since the Queen wore this lemon ensemble to the Royal Wedding, lemon prints have been popping up everywhere, even on the runway.


We have been staying in the city this weekend for my Dad's Birthday, so naturally we hit the shops so now I have my very own cute lemon outfit!

lets start with my lemon print dress ...


There have been plenty of these lemon print dresses about this season, I know Dorothy Perkins have a about 4 of their own, but as soon as I saw this one in Debenhams I knew it was for me. It is the perfect combination on my favourite colour and this seasons "it" print wrapped up in a beautiful fifties style. I had been longing for this dress for about a month now, but didn't really want to pay the nearly £40 price tag. So snapped it up when I found it reduced to just over £26!


Monsoon Fifties Style Lemon Cardigan

OK so it might be overkill on the fifties style but I just love this cardigan, the detail on the sleeves, the neckline and the cute buttons. I'm thinking this will be perfect to throw on over the dress of an evening while on holiday in Italy!! so excited!

I will probably team this outfit just with a pair of simple studs (no neaklace due to the high neaklines) like the turquoise and silver ones from my Accessorize Haul.

Now all I need to find is the perfect mani and pedi colours :) I'm sure that will be a fun hobby for me over the coming weeks.


While browsing Dorothy Perkins website this evening I came across this cute little bag in a soft lemon colour, I have had my eye on the coral version of this bag for some time now, the material is unbelievably soft for a synthetic bag and very affordable. Maybe I will get both colours when I pop in to get this ....


Lemon bag also from Dorothy Perkins reduced in the sale to just £5. It may well become a lunch break treat to get me through Monday :)

Now onto a dilemma


I had seen these wedges on the DP and made a mental note that I MUST! try them on if I ever saw them in store. They are made in so many fabulous colours and I would love to collect them all ... cobalt blue, coral, cream, and yellow.

But it appeared nowhere had them in stock :( "Somebody's got a frowny face"

Until I stumbled across a pair of the cream ones in an outlet in a supermarket Triumph!! or so I thought ... the fit is terrible! the straps are too wide so my foot moves about and in that size heel I do NOT want to be falling over!

So do I go for beautiful colours to match every outfit or practical and comfy?


These Hush Puppies are currently on sale for only £35 bargain!

Which would you choose?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

NOTD - Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Its my Dad's Birthday and we are celebrating all weekend long! (and I've been baking cupcakes all day long Friday for the occasion)!

What better way to get into that Birthday mood than with a super sparkly and fun manicure?

This is Sparkle-icious from OPI's Burlesque Collection.


A beautiful mix of cobalt blue, rich magenta and yellow glitter. Surprisingly I have had this polish since Christmas but have never reached for it until now.



Whats your weekend manicure?

Friday, 22 July 2011

June GlossyBox

The June Glossy Box was a massive disappointment and for that reason I have left blogging about it until now.

Entitled Get Summer Ready! the boxes contents were chosen to get us confident for the "skin-baring months ahead." were not all hussys Glossybox!

here are the products I received ...



OPI Designer Series mini nail lacquer in Extravagance


If it wasn't for the fact that I already own this product in full size, I probably would have been over the moon to receive a sample of OPI! ... well maybe not over the moon, but fairly happy.

My main problem with the OPI minis is that they do not come with the pro wide brush, which is my reason for favouring OPI over other brands such as Essie or China Glaze.

The colour itself is very pretty (the reason why I bought the full size back in October last year). A fantastic magenta with holo glitter that OPI's Designer series is famous for. But not really a summer colour, I love wearing this shade in fall, something I will continue doing.



Bioeffect EGF Serum


Supposed to be Iceland's best kept beauty secret, this beauty serum claims to stimulate growth of new skin cells for an younger looking complexion.

I have only tried this once so far, so will report back.

Batiste Original and Mama Mio Omega Body Buff


Lets talk for a minute about Batiste, we have all seen this product on the shelves of Superdrug, boots and probably Savers, so whats high end/luxury about a product that is so readily available and a priced at an affordable £2-£3?

Glossy box have replied to concerns voiced by followers on facebook about the inclusion of this product, claiming they believe this to be the best dry shampoo on the market. Be that as it may, but we signed up for Luxury and High End product samples, not something the Glossy Box team deems a worthy high street product.

Back to the product, personally I do not understand a need for a dry shampoo, if your hair is dirty or greasy you wash it, there is no substitute for shampoo. and having dark brown hair I would never dream of putting talc or anything white on my roots unless I wanted to look like I was going grey, so Batiste is one product I have never reached for.

After receiving this product sample in my June Glossy Box I thought what the hell, and tried it one morning before washing my hair, my expectations were correct ... Grey hair!! disaster! and even though the product smells clean and fresh, just 5 mins later my hair felt dirty and greasy again yuk!

The Mama Mio I haven't tried yet :(

Lalique Perles de Lalique perfume


I haven't really worn this, I don't hate it but don't really care for it. Its quite clean smelling but a bit grandma-ish :( maybe I will give it to my mum! haha

Then Glossy Box dropped this bombshell on all of us subbed


Dear Makeroomforcupcake,

First of all, may we take this opportunity to thank you for subscribing to GlossyBox! While we spotted a gap in the market for a high-end and niche beauty box, we never would have dreamed of such enthusiastic and loyal demand for it.
Thank you!

Since we are a very young and growing company, it is important to us to communicate clearly with our customers what GlossyBox is about, where we're going and any changes we are making.

GlossyBox aims to be the answer for the woman who feels overwhelmed by ads, paid-for editorials and advice in her quest to be fashionably groomed.
We help you stay on top of what is new and what works in all things Beauty.

We are working hard on the mechanics behind customizing the contents of your box - please bear with us, while we improve the beauty profile. Of course, we will notify you as soon as it is live on the website.

In order to help you make that leap of faith and subscribe to GlossyBox, we offered free shipping for the first four months – May, June, July and August.
One of the upcoming changes that will affect you all is that from September onwards, we will be charging a flat fee of £2.95 for shipping.

GlossyBox will still be £10 a month, shipping will be £2.95, the total amount charged will be £12.95 and as always, you may cancel anytime.

To clarify: July and August boxes will be £10 with free shipping.

Exciting news for the coming months is that we are in the process of creating unique, original and collectable cards to be included in your monthly GlossyBox. The GlossyLooks cards will be easy-to-follow How-To's on the biggest looks for the current season as well as important and timeless styles like Smokey Eyes.

Another milestone for us is the imminent re-launch of!
We hope you'll enjoy browsing the new website and the soon-to-be live GlossyBook – our own online magazine - dedicated to the contents of the monthly box and of course jam-packed with the newest trends and video manuals.

In the meantime, I hope you're as excited as we are about the arrival of the next GlossyBox!

With thanks we remain faithfully yours,

The GlossyBox Team

hmmmm .... I'm not very impressed by this, as far as we were all aware we were signing up for a £10 a month subscription and Glossy Box wants more money. I think I am going to look into Boudoir Prive and maybe switched to them.

Secondly I am very unimpressed with the GlossyBox website, Glossy dots, and the questionnaire to Tailor my Glossy boxes. if anyone knows how to keep track of my Glossydots or how to re-do my questionnaire please let me know!

Have you signed up to Boudoir Prive?

What did you get in your June Glossy Box? are you going to stay subscribed?


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

NOTD OPI's Day of Shatter

Today on Facebook OPI is encouraging us all to show off our Shatter style!


Subtle shades are not for me ... shatter is meant to be worn bold! So today I chose Gosh no:549 Holographic as my base and teamed it$ with OPI's Black shatter.

In real life this makes for a striking combo, but for some reason it is not communicating to the camera :(


how do you shatter? upload your photo to facebook.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Accessorize Haul!

My apologies for being MIA from the online world guys, Disaster stuck and my MacBook has

finally given up the ghost. Can we all take a moments silence in remembrance ....

So I am afraid I'm forced to use an old Windows laptop of mine, which is terribly slow and well, not an Apple, so please bare with me during these harsh times.

Oh my! The sale this year was amazing! and I managed to pick up almost everything on my shopping list (plus a few little extras ;) )


Let me begin with the planned purchases...

Carved Black Flower Studs

I love these little studs, over the years I have had them in green, turquoise, pink and cream. I even bought a black pair back in March but I stepped on one :( and broke it, and have been meaning to pick up a backup pair ... now I have 2!

Sterling Silver Turquoise Studs

Again something I have been meaning to pick up for months. A beautiful, simple design and something easy to wear, planning to throw these in my suitcase for Italy.


The Florence Sparkle Flower Cuff, so pretty I am going to post double the amount of photos ...


This baby took a bit of hunting down, I eventually found 3 of them in Milton Keynes as none of my local stores stocked it, and only one had all of its gems in place so I snapped it up!


The Biba Peacock Ring.

I have seen a gorgeous Peacock feather maxi dress that I am thinking of getting for my summers hols, I'm currently unsure as to whether the ring will be overkill but I love it all the same, and I know I will get my £2.50 out of it.


Sunset Rose

I'm feeling the floral trend (probably late on that bandwagon) and I just love the colour of the rose. This is about the fourth Flower hair accessory I have purchased in a week. #addict

and onto the impulse buys ...


These little charm pendants were simply too cute to resist at only £2.50 a pop, the leaf was inspired by the lovely Laura's new blog and the owl was inspired by my father. .

I think that's everything. Phew!

There is a third charm pendant that has been on my mind now ever since I first ventured into the Accessorize sale that I think I am going to go back for on my lunch break tomorrow, expect a follow up (hopefully) mini haul 2mo pm.