Monday, 7 March 2011

NOTD Oh My GOSH! Holographic

Highly original title...

anyway heres the pics

I have read on other blogs that this polish can be a disaster to apply and be warned, it is!

I think it is best to apply a couple of thick coats of colour, over a base coat, letting each coat completely dry before applying the next. Other wise each coat will drag off the last.

As for longevity, it has none. It is more of an occasion polish in my opinion. Some have said that a top coat dulled the holographic effect, I used Sally Hansen's Mirror Shine top coat, and I can't say I noticed a difference.

Even with using a top coat, just my morning rituals eg. shower, washing my face, make up, brushing and drying my hair, my perfect holo mani was chipped :( and even before making it to work (to be exact it made it to Costa for my morning coffee) my entire little finger nails worth of polish had peeled off as a whole! The first time that has ever happened to me!!! It was like peeling off a fake nail. Gross! haha

So is it all worth it for the holographic goodness ... yes ... I think so, but I would not attempt to try and wear it to work again. I knew it was a bad idea in the first place, so don't know why I did.

New polish = obsession to wear it!

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  1. would you consider mailing me a bottle of this nail polish if you can find it? i will paypal you the money :(:(:(:(