Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tag Tuesday: Colours of Rainbow Tag - Nail Edition

Yes, I am jumping on the bandwagon!  

But heres the twist, incase you couldn't guess it, I'm going to be sharing with you my favourite nail polishes for each of the colours of the rainbow. These are my current favourites, they change a lot as I add to my collection and find new colours and formulas, but I  have tried to keep it to polishes that are still available.

 photo 69ff6fd6-c6f4-42b5-a6c6-447f385da1bd_zpsa334a6c4.jpg

Lets jump to it!

Red - Nails inc Caviar base and top coat. I'm not really a red girl, so this is the best I could come up with. They don't apply red, but appear reddish in the bottles (I've heard other people doing this tag say the same, so it is allowed)! These two are staples in my collection. I use them everyday.

Orange - Essie's Fear and Desire, just a nice, bright orange that has quickly become my favourite over OPI's Flit a Bit.

Yellow - Again I have two, and it is the combination of the two I like - Nails Inc Glamour Glitter and No7 Gold Glitter, I love layering these two.

Green - No7 Paradise Love. I highly expect this is a dupe for Deborah Lippman's Mermaids Dream and only £6.50! I love, love, LOVE it!

Blue - Clinique Splish Splash

Indigo - Into the Night, not sure if this quite classes as indigo, but its a dark blue and its gorgeous, a nice alternative to all the light, bright summery shades because that can get a little boring some times. 

Violet - OPI Planks a Lot

Pink - No7 Daisy Darling, this polish reminded me a lot of Essie Lux effects A Cut Above but couldn't find it anywhere to buy (not even ebay). so when I saw No7 had their own version I snapped it up! a great little layering polish.

Multicolored - I'm saving this one for a NOTD post, so you will have to come back tomorrow to see that :)

I Tag everyone! if you have done this tag please leave your link in the comments as I love to read them :)


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