Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - A Year in OPI. The Winners and the Losers

I am sure it will not come as a surprise to you that OPI has fast become my nail laquer brand of choice, and this year has seen my collection grow.

Here are my picks from this years collections from OPI

(wow it doent look that much in the photo, but in person I'm sat here thinking "why do I need all this polish lol).

Starting from the tip of the 2 we have -

Alice in Wonderland Collection.
Off With her Red, Mad as a Hatter, Absolutly Alice, and Thanks so Muchness.

Hong Kong Collection.
Dim Sum Plum, Hot and Spicy, Suzi Says Feng Shui, Jade is the new Black, Pearl of Wisdom, Meet me at the Star Ferry (moving onto the 0), Lucky Lucky Lavender, Panda-modium Pink.

Shrek Collection.
Rumples Wiggin, Funky Dunkey (why wasn't it called Re-donkulous???), Whats with the Cattitude? Fiercley Fiona, Ogre the Top Blue, Who the Shrek are you?

Summer Flutter.
Catch me in your Net, Flit a Bit,

Halloween/Coture Colleciton.
Unrippened (promotional bottle),

Pink of Hearts 2010,

Glitzerland, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Ski Teal We Drop, Willaim Tell me about OPI, Cuckoo for This Colour, Yodel Me on My Cell,

Burlesque Holiday 2010.
Bring On the Bling, Glow Up Already! Extra-va-vaganza! Simmer & Shimmer, Show It & Glow It!, Sparkle-icious, Rising Star, Take the Stage, The Show Must Go On! Let Me Entertain You, Ali’s Big Break, Tease-y Does It

Now may I presents ...

The Winners of 2010

Mad as A Hatter. This one had to be included didn't it? this multi glitter polish is amazing!

Whats with the Cattitude? Probably my favourite release of this year, it is the perfect baby blue.

Catch Me in Your Net. Although it is said to have many dupes (Zoya Charla for one) this has to be my fave, but in any form this colour rocks!

Teasey Does It. My fave dark from this year, just wish it looked exactivcally like it does in the bottle on your nails

The Losers

Ski Teal we Drop. Just didn' t like it :( wish I did, this one sits unworn.

William Tell Me About OPI. I hoped it to be lighter than Lincoln Park after Dark, which it is, just not light enough!

Unrippened. I searched for this one everywhere, and paid over the top for it, and its just not as special as the hype, and has a dupe in Nicole by OPI :(

What are your winners and losers from 2010 collections??


  1. I absolutely love Ski Teal We Drop, one of my favourite polishes ever! I never managed to get my hands on Mad As A Hatter but I've tried other OPI Glitters and it chipped off my nails in one day :( loved this post! xx

  2. what kind of top coat do you use? I've heard Seche Vite can do that to glitters