Friday, 13 January 2012

I was tagged!

Quite a while go now I was tagged by the lovely Hannah (Snowdrop85) in a "Tell Me About Yourself" tag. Thank you!!

What better way to get back into blogging in 2012 than a tag? so here it is!

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So 7 random things about me ... (better get thinking)

1. I recently climbed the the summit of an active volcano while on holiday in Italy. it was an amazing experience, and the only holiday where I have actually lost weight instead of putting it on!


2. I would love to run in the London Marathon, its kind of a family tradition but there is a long road ahead of me if I want to be serious about it! haha

3. I LOVE Disney! yes that's right I'm a self confessed Disney nerd and have been to Disneyland Paris 6 or 7 times, at one point I was averaging 2 holidays a year in the magic kingdom


4. At high school I had convinced myself that I was going to fail my GCSE's and decided I was going to become a nail technician while I re-took my exams (needless to say I passed and never did nails, except my own)

5. I have always had a fear of fish and once cried at a Sea Life centre in Paris as soon as I walked through the door and saw the fish in the tanks (I was 21 at the time! lol) but it had cost us 32€ entrance fee so I forced myself to look around. It was torture!

6. My favourite subjects in school were Latin and Art

7. I have a GCSE in German but all I can remember is the Calgon advert

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  1. How on earth did you lose weight A. On holiday and B. In ITALY! Well done!! I am a major Disney nerd too!! Thanks for doing this one!! xx

    1. I know crazy right! I even ate a ton of gelato! (which was AMAZING!!)