Friday, 13 April 2012

Barry M Magnetic Blue


*sigh* I am in love.

Barry M has long been the king of inexpensive manicures, so when I saw the newest addition to the nail paints range in Superdrug I couldn't resist.

This is NP 328 Magnetic Blue (another original name, just like Boots 17)


The directions are really simple, so even if you haven't used a magnetic nail varnish before you will be sure to pick it up and get results.

The bottle says to shake well before use, which I don't like to do because I have been told its not good for your polish and it will cause it to dry out prematurely (not sure how much truth there is in that statement, if you do, please leave a comment below). So I like to roll the bottle between both my hands. You do need to do this to ensure the magnetic particles are evenly distributed and not all stuck at the bottom.

Then Barry says to apply one coat of polish, and allow to dry. Now I don't like to disagree with Barry for a second time ... but I personally feel you could skip this step as the polish gives good coverage and pigmentation in just one coat.

But for the swatches I was good and followed the instructions.

Now for the fun part, apply another coat of polish and immediately hover the magnet (supplied) over your freshly painted nail, until the effect appears, Barry suggests 5 seconds should be long enough.

I did my thumb nail first, and the result was amazing! then it got a bit too excited and rushed the rest of my nails, but overall I think the effect is awesome and even though I messed up a little, I kinda think it looks like tie dye :)


What I liked:
  • Barry M have stayed true to their brand, so when the magnet is removed it reveals the normal Barry M bottle
  • The price! I bought this bottle in Superdrug for a modest £4.99
  • The different magnetic patterns, I know I'm fed up with the bog standard waves (here's talking to you Boots 17 and Nails Inc
  • The colour range - theres actually a red! can't wait to try it out!!

What I didn't like:

  • I'd maybe like to see more of a colour range than the standard purple, blue, grey and green we have seen everywhere, how about a bright metallic turquoise for the summer, or a pretty gold??
  • Nope, can't think of anything else

Are you going to be trying out the new range from Barry M?

I can't find the magnetic nail paints on the Barry M website yet but be sure to grap a bottle if you see them in your local shops!


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  1. I have been meaning to try these but al;ways thought they might be too fiddly!
    Great post.
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