Saturday, 22 January 2011

Swarovski Haul

Over the past month or so I have been lucky enough to have collected a few of the fabulous Swarowski pieces that I have had my eye on.

The first piece I have picked up is a ring that featured in my first Most Wanted back in August last year. It took a bit of tracking down but I have eventually found it in my size!

Swarovski Lullaby Star Ring

This next piece also featured in a Most Wanted back in October but it was unavailable in any of my local boutiques :( so I gave in and ordered it online.

It is huge, extravagant, glitzy but I love it. Obviously its not for everyday wear and I will probably only get to wear it once of twice a year, but I will treasure it forever.

Swarovski Mimosa Pendant.

This last piece I cannot find online anywhere, it was in one of my local boutiques on sale (50%off Yay!) and my boyfriend picked it out for me, but I was trying to be good and foolishly said "no." and then I couldn't stop thinking about it, so at the weekend we took a trip into the city to pick it up. I'm so glad we did, I think this will become my new everyday pendant.

Unknown Swarovski Pendant.


  1. Oh the ring is so pretty, I love it! Nice haul =)

  2. The wing pendant is called Nao Wings set
    I have the same one but it came with 2 of them they called it the "new best friend charm" where you keep one and your bff gets the other=)

  3. @Leslie
    I have seen it everywhere since about a month after I bought it, I don't know if the boutique sold them too early and didn't know it was a set or if it was an old design that has now been revamped? but I only got the one.
    Either way its a goreous everyday piece that I am happy to have in my colleciton. I hope you like yours xoxo

  4. @cupacake if ever you're interested in selling it, I'd love to buy it from you. You see, when I finished my cancer treatment, to thank my chemo buddy (my SIL) I bought the set, gave her one and kept the other. Well just recently, it got lost... :( so I've been looking all over for a replacement. Thank you for considering it.