Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lena White Sale Haul with Swatches

I made 2 discoveries this week

1) Snow + Sun = great condtitions for swatch photos

2) Lena White's January Sale is dangerous, especially when armed with a 10% off promo code

However I managed to restrain myself and I only bought a handful of polishes (at £4.50 a pop it was hard to do) and at just £3.50 OPI's Nail Apps were too hard to resist, and I may have purchased a disgusting amount. But that is another (disappointing) tale.

Three of the polishes in this haul are from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection, I didn't buy them when the collection was first released as I was trying to save money for holidays (blah blah blah boring stuff/saving money), they looked too similar to quite a few polishes I already owned but I always regretted not buying them.

Every nail blog raved about the formulas, the colours etc etc. so I finally decided why not?! after all it is a Disney themed collection, they were all colours that I love for Spring/Summer and I do have a nail polish addiction. So here's what I picked up ...

Steady As She Rose.

I can't believe I didn't buy this one! it is my new favourite pink, Its a very interesting shade, not a true pink, it has a mixture of lavender and grey. I love how this looks on the nails.

and to prove to my bf that I don't just buy the same colour over and over again, here it is swatched against other colours from my collection ...

Sparrow Me the Drama.

and again swatched against similar colours

At first I thought it was identical to OPI Por Favor, but without the subtle shimmer, but no they are different. Its a very nice bright pastel pink, not sure how much wear I'll get out of this one.

OPI Planks A Lot.

A bright purple cream. One of my favourite colours of nail varnish besides blue. I expect this is very close to OPI Do You Lilac It? but I don't own it, so here it is against OPI Done Out in Deco and Parlez-Vous OPI?

Vodka and Caviar.

An old favourite reunited. This is the only red I will happily wear, I did own this until the bottle smashed and the varnish leaked all over my bed. I was not happy.

So that's my haul :)

Did you get any bargains in the sales?


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  1. Great buys! Vodka and Caviar is my favourite OPI, its just such a classy colour xx