Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentines Manicures: Doticure

I'm keeping thing simple for today's Valentines doticure. This is No 7's So Neat, a beautiful sea foam green packed full of turquoise shimmer over four coats of Maybelline Color Show Marshmellow which is a big fat disappointment of a nail polish. In the shop under flourescent lights this polish was a beautiful, milky white with a blue pearlescent flash, when applied to my nails it turned into a frosted white, nothing more :(

 photo fd051a80-3ea9-4df0-9c9e-f37dac0dfc0d_zps421bdf88.jpg

 photo 757f08bb-6691-4fe2-a3e0-86ef11d1e76d_zpse4a6598a.jpg

Valentine Nail Art Challenge
Host: datyorkLOVES

1. datyorkLOVES (HOST)  3. Nail Polish Creations  5. Nail Art Overdose  
2. cutenailstudio  4. Norma's Nails  

(Submissions close in 6d 11h 33m)
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