Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentines Manicures: Splatter

Today's theme is splatter! and I immediately thought of Brookes tutorial....

I know I wanted more hearts, and intended on another tape manicure like yesterdays, but didn't think about how tricky it would be, so I opted to paint the hearts over the splatter design. The scotch tape still came in handy though ... as you will see this gets incredibly messy!

 photo fe3cecb2-8a3a-4268-833f-7679687d6120_zps9bfc9836.jpg

The colours I'm using are Kiko 330 Lilac, 339 Cornflower, 389 Mint Milk, Barry M 307 Lemon Ice cream, and No7 Sugar.

 photo P1120451_zps85846c5c.jpg

 photo P1120471_zps5390889e.jpg

 photo P1120466_zpsd49cf9b9.jpg

Valentine Nail Art Challenge
Host: datyorkLOVES

1. datyorkLOVES (HOST)  2. makeroomforcupcake  

(Submissions close in 4d 18h 44m)
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