Friday, 22 April 2011

Spring/Summer nails with Barry M

This month Barry M released 2 new nails paints and 3 new colours in their popular Instant Nail Effects line. I was so excited to try them and of course picked up all the new shades as soon as the became available :)

First on my shopping list were the Instant Nail Effects. Following on from their super popular 311 nail paint, renamed? "Black Magic" Barry M are adding 3 new shades to the collection - np314. Pink Fizz, np315. Blue Print and np316. White Frost.

Each of the Instant Nail Effects comes with a little card, explaining how to use the polish, which is pretty simple with just 2 easy steps...

"Easy to create Instant Nail Effects

1. Paint your nails with your chosen colour and let them dry

2. Apply a SINGLE COAT of Instant Nail Effects, don't overlap.

Watch the unique effect appear before your eyes!"

anyway heres the colours...

np315. Blue Print

np314. Pink Fizz

np316. White Frost

Typical of Barry M nail paints these are all highly pigmented, as you can see even White Frost covers the black in just one coat! Very Impressed with these, and for only £3.99 its a steal!!

Now onto Barry M's newest Nail Paint shades...

(apologises for the photo, not the best, but it does show the colours perfectly).

First up , this is np317. Blue Moon - a gorgeous pastel blue with a flash of electric blue.

The effect of this is very similar to Barry M's np313 Dusky Mauve (the Chanel Paradoxel dupe). A flash of colour that shows up beautifully in the bottle, but fails to show up as well on the nail. Still I love this colour, it will be fab for summer and still has a nice visible amount of shimmer on the nail.

and lastly np318. Peach Melba.
How gorgeous is this colour? it is exactly what it say it is, a fabulous peach shade. I would love to see how this one compares to Essie Haute as Hello or Van D'go. I can see this being a fav for summer, my hunt for the perfect peachy/coral might be over :)

Whats your favourite colour from this haul? have you tried any of the Barry M's? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. so pretty :) i have the black magic and pink fizz ones. not the other 4 yet i want the other 2 nail effects and especially blue moon and peach melba

  2. I saw the pink one in Boots yesterday but I didn't know about the other colours! Love the peach! x

  3. yeh for some reason boots only have pink fizz, havent even seen the new nail paints in there. Superrug is where its at! lol

  4. I do love a bit of barry m! I tried the white crackle but thought it was very 'tip-ex!' :(

  5. What gorgeous colours! I wish the had these nail polishes in my country...

  6. I love both of the colors, especially the peach because I use to think it wouldn't look good on me but now I am in love with peach nail polishes.