Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tag Tuesday - 11 Most Reached for Products


Inspired by WhatTheBuck :)

1. Perfume - Vera Wang
I love all of the Vera Wang fragrances, over the years I have had ... Princess, Glam Princess and Rock Princess, But Princess is always the one I go back to and re-purchase - look how little is left in that bottle :(

It is described as a "sexy scent including a mixture of waterlily, apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla." and I think it is the dark chocolate and vanilla mix that I like, but the fruity notes help to make it not so sickly.


2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser
"The moisture "drink" all skins need" this has been my go to moisturizer for as long as I can remember, but next I might try the gel formula.

3. Blistex lip products
Love them all! I have tubes and pots of Blistex everywhere! in my car, at work, by my bed and about 5 in my handbag! I like to try different brands of lip balm but always come back to them.


4. Sanctuary Salt Scrub
This is a great product, I first saw this on Lollipop26's Blog and knew I had to try it! anything recommended by her is normally fantastic! this is a great scrub to use in the shower, its exfoliating and leaves behind a wonderfully moisturising oil.

What I have discovered is it makes a great pre-manicure treat for your hands, after removing my old nail varnish I will dampen my hands and apply a small amount of the scrub onto each nail, rub it in for about a minute, and rinse off. It really helps to revive the skin around your nail, and scrubs away any old varnish that may still be lingering.


5. Urban Decay Drink Me. Eat Me Shadow (Sin)
If I can't decide what eyeshadow to use I will always reach for my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette, and Drink Me. Eat Me, which I really hate to do as its LE. boo!

Can't wait to get a Naked Palette!!


6. Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner.
Quick and ever so easy to use, and an absolute bargain at £2.99 in any Superdrug or Boots in the UK. It also comes in 3 eye popping colours too, teal, purple and blue. I think I will pick up the blue next.

7. Barry M Lip Gloss Wand in Toffee.
The most perfect lip gloss! smells gorgeous and tastes good too! its a really good nude, non sticky gloss

8. MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup
A great blue toned pink lippy, creme sheen formula <3



9. OPI Avoplex
Best hand cream and cuticle oil I have come across. If you know of any others I should try, please leave a comment!

10. OPI Nail Envy
This is the product I have to thank for the condition of my nails (not that they are in perfect condition or anything), but without Nail Envy my nails would be flakey, peeling short little stumpy excuse for nails - Thank you OPI Nail Envy!

11. OPI Parlez-vous OPI?
This was one of the first OPI lacquers I ever bought (yes I still remember the first 3 I bought - Parlez-vous OPI?, Done out in Deco, Tickle my France-y) and all three remain probably in my top ten. I love lilac and purple nails (I'm still longing for Louvre Me - Louvre Me Not <3) and if I can't decide what to paint my nails, I reach for PV OPI?


If you have already done this tag please link it below in the comments! if you haven't then I definitely tag you :) and I would love to hear what your first OPI Nail Lacquer colour was?


  1. The purple's a pretty colour. I don't own any OPI products yet

  2. I just got Creme Cup! Can't wait to wear it! x

  3. @Snowdrop, its a great colour for spring and easy to wear! let me know what you think of it xo

  4. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII (http://www.geocities.jp/hongkong_skii/index_e.htm) to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it