Saturday, 12 January 2013

Poundland Haul Party of One.

Poundland has been a little disappointing on the nail polish front this festive season. So this haul is short but sweet.

I've seen this polish in my local store a couple of times while browsing the aisles for a cheap Sinful Colors or Sally Hansen polish, but never paid it any attention as its from a brand I have never heard of, or seen on the nail blogs I follow.

After quite a bit of googling I came across the link for the UK Trade Source LTD that supply Poundland with these products (they also sell Bourjois, Roc and St Moriz in bulk) but no real info on the company or their products.

The bottle is even more mysterious, shake before use is the only direction and Sparkling Blue Nail Polish is its name.


The polish itself is a pretty frosted light blue silver. Application was great! this is two coats I am showing you here, and is ample for opaque colour. Overall I would highly recommend this polish if you can find it in your local poundland.



  1. Hi thanks for this, I went and got some after seeing this :)

    1. Hi! what colours did you get? hope you like them x

  2. Hi sorry for the delay in response I got the blue like you did. I also saw you post on the Sally Hansen Oxide so I am now looking for that one too :)

    1. I hope you find it! its a steal for only £1 xoxo