Sunday, 21 October 2012

#OrangeOctober Anom

#OrangeOctober Day 21!

Todays polish anonymous, It's from Claires and thats all I know. A quick google search suggests it might be Julius, a neon orange with holographic glitter, it fits the description! (If you have any other suggestions on what this polish is, please leave it in the comments as I'd love to know).


To get this level of coverage I had to apply 4-5 coats to each nail, the polish is very sheer and jelly like and the glitter is super gritty. So gritty not even a generous coat of Seche Vite helped :(


Overall I think this polish is good for a bit of fun, a day off work, a weekend getaway that kind of thing. It doesn't have much staying power, this mani chipped within half a day! I'm glad I only paid £1.92 its not worth a lot more.

What Claires polishes would you recommend?



  1. I never tried any of their polishes, but I wouldn't imagine they would be long lasting =[ but you never know!! Lovely post though!

    1. well they claim to be "Chip Resistant" it could just be a reaction to my skin and nails, or more likey its the Seche Vite top coat. It doesn't mix with glitter very well.

  2. This polish actually looks pretty good. I have few, they're not bad. It's only bad, that they don't have names on the bottle.

    1. it would be nice, or even a number so you can tell one from another. I believe they have names in the US (and more colours including some Deborah Lippmann dupes) :(