Saturday, 20 October 2012

Poundland Haul

Yes you read that right, I said Poundland ;)

I wanted to get this post up quickly so if you wanted to check your local stores you would know before they all sell out!

Wasn't it just the other day that I was saying I wanted to try more Sinful Colors polishes, but didn't know were I could find them in the UK? Well someone up there must have been listening and the Poundland gods made it happen. Heres what I picked up

From left to right the colours are: What's Your Name 319, Tapping Nails 288, Daddy's Girl 841, Aqua 104 and See You Soon 931.

I also picked up a Cuticle Oil 905, because hey! it was a pound.

I have a feeling I've seen What's Your Name on someones blog recently, it it was yours please leave a comment! I'm struggling to find it again!

Check your local Poundland nail polish junkies, these are fantastic quality for such little money. Let me know what colours you find in the comments!



  1. How did i not see this post befo.....*abandons writing comment to run to poundland*

  2. let me know what colours you find and how you get on