Sunday, 14 October 2012

#OrangeOctober Rising Star

Day 14 #OctoberOrange

Today's #OrangeOctober polish is a great fall and autumn colour.

This is OPI Rising Star from the Holiday 2010 collection Burlesque.


Now I know I have already featured one polish from the Burlesque polish, but I'm sure you will agree, one just isn't enough!


A gorgeous warm golden orange/bronze foil shade with shiny glass flecks PERFECTION!

Application is perfect, as I would expect from an OPI polish, this is just two coats for perfect coverage.
It's just too prettiful! I always get compliments whenever I wear with polish.


Do you have a fav shade from this collection?

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  1. That shade is AMAZING!! Now, I want to look at that collection a little closer next time I see it!

  2. I loved the whole collection! I'd recommend all the colours, but maybe skip the reds :)

  3. This is such a gorgeous colour! I don't have any from this collection :(

    Danielle xx

    1. Some of the OPI Skyfall colours look similar, Goldeneye reminds me a lot of a chunkier version of this polish so don't feel bad if you can't get any of the Burlesque collection.