Thursday, 25 October 2012

#OrangeOctober Kiko vs Essie

#OrangeOctober Day 25

Todays post is a brand smack down!

In the left corner we have an Essie polish costing a whopping £7.99!

This is Essie Tart Deco ...

and in the right corner we have Italian nail polish brand, Kiko priced at just £1.50

This is Kiko 358 Peach Rose ...

In the bottles they look identical, will they be identical on the nail?

First lets look at the swatch of Peach Rose 358


(In natural light)


(With flash)

This is just two coats, these polishes are unbelievable good quality for just £1.50.  Not runny like Sinful Colors, not streaky like Essie - the formula is perfect and the price - excellent.

So how does it compare to Essie Tart Deco? lets see ...


This is three coats of Essie compared to just two of Kiko.

As you can see Kiko, Peach Rose is a little darker, and a little bit orange-er?


  1. Great comparison! Are your nails topcoated? Because I found out that Essie Tart Deco darkens up when you topcoat it.

    1. actually ... no! I forwent topcoat, maybe I will update this post later, thanks for the tip xoxo