Tuesday, 16 October 2012

#OrangeOctober Ginger Bells

#OrangeOctober  Day 16

Today I have for you what Tyra Banks would call an "Ugly Pretty" polish. It's like marmite, you'll either love it or hate it!

This is Ginger Bells from OPI 2009 Holiday Wishes collection. Now 2009 was when it all started for me, I was just getting into nail polish, or I should say back into nail polish (I was obsessed back in the 90's when I was about 11) and this was the first Holiday collection that I fell in love with. I vowed then that I would always buy the full collection when it was released as I missed out on so many that year :(
I was bummed as there were so many unique colours; Holiday Glow, Merry Midnight, Sapphire in the Snow, Shim-merry Chic, and or course, this polish, Ginger Bells.



I have featured this polish in quite a few posts, normally around this type of year because the colour reminds me on gingerbread and pumpkins and it screams autumn/fall to me! Its a warm, orange, russet colour.

OPI has a few shades like this, their most famous being OPI Apple Pie, a shade I would love to own but I have only seen it on ebay for upward of £20 :( a more affordable and more wearable option would be OPI Chop-Sticking to My Story from the Hong Kong collection which is a tad more vibrant and orange toned.



Do you have an ugly/pretty nail polish?


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